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5 Incredible Christmas Events in Video Games

With November now officially closed and December rises it’s time to get excited for Christmas! But Christmas isn’t just celebrated within the real world, Christmas is widely celebrated throughout the Virtual world; giving players a sense of festivity wherever they go and be able to celebrate Christmas with players from all over the world. These are some of my all time favorites when it comes to Video Game Christmas celebrations.


Overwatch Winter Wonderland

Overwatch releasing to global success back in 2016 has been well known for it’s seasonal events for incredible new art, game modes, cosmetics and much more. The Christmas event Winter wonderland is no different. This year’s Christmas event will include even more new Christmas themed skins and cosmetics for you the player to unlock and even bring back previous skins for you to earn or buy at discounted prices. Winter wonderland doesn’t just come with new cosmetic but also comes with its own game modes, last year introduced fan favorites Yeti Hunter in which one player plays Winston as a yeti and 5 Mei’s to kill the yeti and Mei’s snowball offensive in which 2 teams battle it out in the ultimate snowball deathmatch with super-powered one shot snowballs. Wait there’s even more! Winter wonderland also brings new limited time maps to playthrough your already beloved games modes and give existing maps a festive overhaul. To top it off on Christmas day you will receive 5 free Winter Wonderland loot boxes.

Overwatch 2017 Christmas



You cannot go anywhere today without hearing about Fortnite and it is no doubt that this game has reached a global success like no other. So when it comes to Christmas this year they will need to knock it out the park. Though only rumored and no official Christmas event revealed, last year Fortnite had festive skins, emotes and much more. Including a Christmas map overhaul and making Christmas themes skins for guns such as the rocket launcher and grenade launcher. Save the world mode also received a welcome festive makeover which included limited time challenges and more.

Fortnite Season 7


World of Warcraft: Feast of Winter Veil

World of Warcraft the biggest MMORPG on the market has never failed to give us holiday events every year for over a decade and each year it gets bigger and better. Feast of Winter veil is Azeroths own Christmas party including limited time quest lines, Armour and weapon appearances, new festive themes items, mounts and an exclusive player title limited to this event “Merrymaker”. This years Feast of winter veil will be the first of the new Expansion, Battle for Azeroth released back in August and should bring some new and exciting stuff for layers to feast upon. As well as many games on this list on Christmas morning presents will spawn under the many Christmas trees scattered around the world of Azeroth.

World of Warcraft Christmas


GTA V: Online – Festive Surprise

Grand theft auto being one of the biggest gaming franchises of all time and with the massive player base on GTA V Online mode, Rockstar will take advantage and run a huge Christmas party for all to enjoy. Festive surprise includes a bunch of new stuff for players to cause chaos with and look festive with such as, christmas themes weapons and vehicles, a Christmas map overhaul, free player cosmetics, and Christmas day gifts. But the festive surprise doesn’t just end in the game, last year Rockstar hosted a Holiday party live stream where everyone could join in and have a huge Christmas party live on There have been speculations though with the giant release of Rockstar’s new game Read Dead Redemption 2, GTA:V Online will not get much attention over the holiday season and will bring its celebrations to the much awaited Read Dead Redemption 2 Online mode, but only time will tell.

Grand Theft Auto Christmas


Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Call of duty has been known to put on Christmas events for the players in previous entries to the series, so i suspect Black ops 4 will not get to miss out on the festivities. This is especially exciting because with the addition of Blackout royal mode this could mean new and interesting possibilities for this years Christmas event and how they will integrate the celebrations into its new game mode. Past years have added new skins for both weapons and player models and included some of the best map overhauls in any video game including my personal favorite Winter Crash from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Though nothing is confirmed I’m certain that Christmas will be coming to Black Ops 4.

Winter Crash

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