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Blizzcon 2018 – A look back

Blizzcon is an annual event held at the Anaheim convention centre celebrating all things Blizzard such as World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Diablo and many more. Blizzcon also means big announcements for these games, so with Blizzcon over, I’m going to go through each game and talk about the news announced and what I think about it.


StarCraft 2

  • New Co-op commander Zeratul.

Not a good year to be a Starcraft player because this is the only news at this years Blizzcon, so maybe next year guys!



Heroes of the Storm

  • New Hero – Orphea, Heir of the Raven Court

This is a cool announcement because this is the first hero in the game that is entirely made within in the nexus, meaning this is a completely original character made and not taken from another Blizzard game. Orphea looks like a Melee/range hybrid who uses a somewhat void venom looking pet and dark magic to slaughter beloved Blizzard characters.

Orphea-heroes of the storm



  • Reunion – New Animated Short

Overwatch is known for provided some fantastic animated shorts and Reunion featuring McCree and some awesome looking new characters (More on that soon) is another amazing animated short, giving some intriguing story and maybe even at the same time announcing hero 30? Also shows how the map Route66 opening escort point came to be a massive train wreck.


  • New Hero – Ashe

During the new animated short we were introduced to Ashe the leader of the Deadlock gang and owner of the best bodyguard B.O.B. Ashe in terms of gameplay looks like a mid-range sniper who used a pump action sniper.



World of Warcraft

This is where my expertise comes in as I’ve been playing world of Warcraft for over 12 years. Now with an off-expansion year the announcements tend me be a little lacklustre but we got some decent news starting with…

  • New Cinematic – Lost Honour

Blizzard always knock it out the park with their breath taking and amazing detailed cinematics. Lost Honour continues the story of the alliance and Saurfang who as we see him locked away in the stockades of Stormwind, we see that Saurfang wants Sylvannas to step down or die so he can get his horde back, and it is assumed that Saurfang joins the Alliance for this fight. Saurfang has always been an interesting character with lore dating way back when, he is built around honour and loyalty to his horde and this character decision really does a great job in twisting that in a way we never thought we would ever see.


  • Patch 8.1, 8.15 and 8.2

This year they shared the future of the battle of Azeroth starting with a patch 8.1 release date of December 11th which will introduce many mechanical changes, lore continuations and a new raid tier featuring World of Warcraft first raid tier to have alliance and horde play different perspectives of the same raid. We also got light on what the next instalments of content would be, and that would be patch 8.1.5 which would introduce the long awaited allied race additions of the Zandalri Trolls and Kul ‘Tiran Humans as well as their class list. 8.1.5 also comes with remastered to Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch which have been untouched since their addition to the game back in 2004 as well as smaller updates such as Warlords of Dreanor time walking, new portal rooms in Orgrimmar and Stormwind and new profession questlines and items. And even further down the road with 8.2 they announce the next chapter of story with patch 8.2 Rise of Azshara. This patch looks like it will focus on Sylvannas, Azshara and the old god Xal’atath, who you may remember as the shadow priest artefact weapon. Rise of Azshara will bring the next (next) raid tier with Azshara’s Eternal Palace as well as a new dungeon Mechagon Megadundeon with the addition of 2 new zones Nazjatar and Mechagon. 8.2 will also ass heritage armour for Gnomes and Tauren, new island expedition, flying and heroic warfronts.


  • World of Warcraft: Classic, Summer 2019

We got a release period for Classic! And it’s way sooner than everyone thought. I think like myself and what I’ve seen around the internet that we weren’t going to see classic until around 2020, 2021, but the bomb dropped that we have less than a year to see classic again. For one I’m very excited just like many others, I began playing the game at this point in its history but unfortunately I was a bit too young to really appreciate the game and play it how I play today, but in a very long 8 months or so I shall be able to give this beast of a game the attention it deserves. As well as a release period we got some details on how they are bringing us back to 2006, the presentation was really interesting showing the small details they are working out to make the most authentic vanilla experience we can get, the full presentation is up on YouTube and If you’re interested in this release I defiantly recommend finding and watching it.

wow classic



  • Diablo: Immortal

This where things get bad… you’ve probably heard of this game or just seen Diablo: Immortal floating around the internet through memes and hate posts, if not let me fill you in. Diablo is a loved game by PC gamers and has been since 1996 since the first Diablo game was released, the 2nd Diablo game has gone down in gaming history as one of the best action RPGs out there and is still played widely today and back in 2013 15 years after Diablo 2, Diablo 3 was released to a success bringing in a larger audience and bringing back those loyal and hardcore players back to a modern instalment of Diablo and all was fine… until a couple days ago with the announcement of Diablo: Immortal. As Wyatt Chang stood on that stage we stared intently expecting for a Diablo 2 remaster, Diablo 3 expansion or even Diablo 4 the hype was real and then, Diablo: Immortal a fully-fledged Diablo game not even made by Blizzard and to be a mobile phone exclusive game. As you’ve probably seen this didn’t go to well with pretty much everyone and this lead to a Q&A l where the developers got booed on stage after saying this game was never coming to PC and a man with the largest pair of balls of steel to go up and ask if this was an out of season Aprils fool’s joke which was received with the entire room bursting into cheers of approval. From what’s came out of the attendees of Blizzcon Diablo: Immortal wasn’t being played and the ones who did play it have gone onto reddit and elsewhere to say how bad the game is. With all this said I don’t believe this game will go down as any sort of success but a failed project, and I can only hope that Blizzard has learnt their lesson and won’t continue with these sorts of decisions. The only way this game could’ve been a success is that if it was a small side game to play based around the diablo universe and to serve as an appetiser to a larger project such as Diablo 4 or Diablo 2 remastered, I say this because another company who makes brilliant and massively successful games, Bethesda, they make their biggest titles into mobile games but at the same give us something to look forward to for example, here’s Fallout Shelter but hey don’t worry Fallout 76 is a thing and here’s Elder scrolls: Blades but hey guess what Elder Scrolls 6! This is a perfect example how these beloved and massive studios should handle mobile games and Blizzard is an example of not what to do and I hope every studio has took note of what has come from this announcement. Rant Over!

Diablo: Immortal


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