Marvel’s Spider-Man

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Playthroughs: 1

Trophies: 51/51

Play Time: 29 Hours

Played On: PlayStation 4 Slim


Spider-man like many was the hero of our nerdy prepubescent school years, he was a massive nerd, he was socially awkward and approached situations with humor he was the one superhero my 12 year old self could really relate to and to see that he could also kick serious ass and be able to defend himself was the cherry on top it made it seem that I myself could become a crime fighting quipping bad ass. On the 28th of June 2004 the dream of being able to take the reigns of spider-man came a reality with Spider-Man 2 for the GameCube, the memories of swinging round a blocky New York, beating up the bad guys and climbing the empire state building every single chance I had stay strong to this day but I was left with wanting more but never being able to have it… until June 2016 E3, Insomniac Games drops the Bombshell that are working on a PlayStation 4 Exclusive spider-man game with direct association with Marvel at this point I lost my shit, with 2 years to wait I waited and waited and then finally it arrived in my hands and I was able to be re-live the wonder that is spider-man, so how was it?


The story is a completely original story created by Insomniac Games using iconic marvel characters and it does admittedly start out quite predictable when it comes to villains especially if you’ve seen any promotional material but it does flesh out with some twists and turns and overall it is a satisfying and compelling story. At the same time you are not just playing through Spider-Mans story you are also juggling Peter Parker’s story and how his decisions as spider-man affect his “Normal” life and vise versa. As well as the main story there are side stories and fun back stories in the form of collectibles and side missions which gave me intensive to chase out these collectibles because I wanted to know where these side stories end up and how they affect the game world. This review was written before the first DLC became available so in terms of how the story continues is unknown to me. Apart from that there isn’t much else I can say without giving to much away, but the story is solid and provides a interesting narrative.

Fun Factor:

This game wastes no time getting you into the real fun of the game which is swinging round a modern day New York, within the first 5 minutes you are swinging around in a high speed pursuit with one of marvels famous villains, the swinging aspect is so well rounded as a game mechanic as it has tight and responsive controls and it does exactly what you would want it to do as well as adding some nice snazzy animations swinging from building to building to give it that extra impact. Now I want to avoid the phrase “It makes you really feel like spider-man” but… god damn it really makes you feel like spider-man! with swinging being covered the next thing that spider-man does it beat up thugs and villains, I personally feel like the combat heavily relies on it’s animations and has no real complexity to how it works. With that said the combat is fun but it’s fun in a cinematic way as when you pull of some sort of basic combo it just looks super cool and seeing that invokes fun and it also gets the job done in knocking everyone out so there is no real motivation to pull off more complex combos or certain moves because smashing square and throwing objects will get the job done. There is a slight stealth element to the combat and is required for parts of the game but it doesn’t take the stealth mechanic we know to a whole new level but the way spider-man webs people up is kind of creepy and very spider like (duh).  There a few points in the game where it does slow down and can be a bit of a drag to play through but it jumps straight back into the fun and it doesn’t affect the overall fun you will have with this game. The game has a variety of collectibles that gradually become available throughout the games story, at first seeing how many there were scared me a little into how much annoying grinding I am going to have to put into this game, but it never felt that way each collectible adds something extra to the game whether it be a cool little Easter eggs like seeing the Sanctum Sanctorum or adding some interesting backstory to Peters life or including beloved characters from the comic books and films, so gathering all the collectibles for the trophies wasn’t so much a grind but and nice little added bonus to the main game.


The Graphics in this game are what we have come to expect for a 2018 realistic looking release but but that’s not undermine it as this is the best New York has looked in any video game to date the attention to detail really captures the essence of how amazing New York really is and also it makes the world feel alive and that there are things going on in the city besides what you the player are up to. whether you are just strolling the streets, perched upon the Avengers tower or one of New York’s famous landscapes or swinging from tree to tree in central park this game delivers on the way it looks and the way it feels. The only gripe I had with visuals is the lifelessness of intractable NPCs if they weren’t part of a cut scene they had very little emotion or movement in fact, but this is a common problem upon many games to date.


The Verdict:

If you haven’t figured it out already I really like this game I would defiantly say this is Game of the Year worthy but we still have plenty of anticipated games left for this year. I believe this lived up to it’s expectations, nailed the feeling of spider-man and swinging through modern day New York. As I mentioned the combat could be touched upon in terms of making it more complex and making me want to press other buttons apart from square to hit and circle to dodge but it was still fun nonetheless. This game has one of the most obtained platinum trophies at the moment and only really requires you to put in the hours to achieve it and not have any sort of difficult challenges which isn’t so much a bad thing. Overall I think this game is awesome and I give it a solid…




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