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Overwatch Halloween Terror 2018

This is Halloween!

It’s that time of year again where seasonal merchandise becomes my permanent house decorations, my personal favorite Halloween! And with Halloween comes limited time gaming events, a mixture of pure bliss. One of my favorites for the past couple of years has been the Overwatch Halloween Terror event, where one of my all-time favorites gets a spooky makeover for the month of October and offers a variety of new game modes and cosmetics. So with this year’s Halloween terror coming to an end how did it compare to the last 2?

Skins, animations and more!

With the past Overwatch events the cosmetic side of things has always been the main selling point to get people playing these events and with Overwatch having one of the more fairer Loot box systems the players all come crawling in to try their luck at one of these once a year exclusive cosmetics.

Personally this years skins have been my all time favorites with references including the corpse bride and Jason Voorhees with also adding some new skins to some of the more recent hero’s who’s skin selection may be lacking including one of my favorites for Wrecking Ball.

Halloween Skins

As every overwatch event with the included brand new skins they also bring back the older event skins available for unlock in case who missed out in the previous events.


Previous Haloween Skins

Of course Skins aren’t the only item available in Loot Boxes (To some’s dismay) there are plenty of new voice lines, Emotes, player icons, sprays, victory poses and Highlight Intros introduced in this year’s Halloween Terror. This video from YouTube Channel CryBox7Overwatch does a great job in showing off all the new features cosmetics in this years event.

Junkenstein’s Revenge!

Junkenstein’s Revenge returns as an Halloween exclusive Game mode where you and 4 others choose between a limited selection of heroes and fight of the horde of Dr. Junkenstein. This is a returning game mode to the Halloween Terror and even know it can be good fun and challenging at times and not to mention a super easy way to get you 3 arcade loot boxes I do wish we were given something more, another original game mode perhaps but unfortunately not this year. Being Introduced in this year’s Halloween Terror event though is Junkenstein’s Endless Revenge, which is exactly the same as the Junkenstein’s revenge but you guessed it, it’s endless, and it’s only game over if you all die. This game mode gives a chance for you and a team to fight for the top spot of your regions leaderboard for nothing but pride and bragging rights! See the video below from IGN for a full match of Junkensteins’s Revenge.

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