Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee/Pikachu Tips & Tricks

Pokemon Let’s Go is a nostalgic masterpiece which gives the first generation of Pokemon games gorgeous HD makeover and gives us new content and mechanics to play around in this beloved universe. Now that I have become the Indigo’s league champion I want to share some tips that I found and learnt on my adventures to help you become the next champion of Kanto. Starting with…


Spawn a Support Trainer

If you’re finding a gym battle particularly difficult or wanting some extra experience for your Pokemon, take out your 2nd Joy con, give it a shake and you’ll spawn a Support Trainer! You’re support trainer is controlled by the other joy con and will help you in battle, yes this means you can 2 v 1 trainers. As well as helping out in battle it can also help you out catching Pokemon, you can use both joy cons to throw 2 Poke balls and it will up the catch success of whatever Pokemon you are trying to catch, and also give you a synchronization bonus experience multiplayer for some extra experience for your party.

Pokemon Support Trainer

Shiny hunting has never been better

Shiny hunting has been a wonderful end game to every Pokemon game for some and requires a lot of time and patience. Throughout every entry in the Pokemon series a new shiny hunting method is introduced and Let’s Go is no different. The new shiny hunting method requires you to get a catch combo of 32 of what ever Pokemon you are hunting and then…wait. That’s right you just wait. Pokemon Let’s Go spawns Pokemon in the over world so no more random encounters, and what makes this even better is that shiny Pokemon appear shiny in the over world so you just wait until you see a shiny Pokemon spawn and go catch it. As always finding a shiny Pokemon is 1 in 4,096. If you have filled up your Pokedex you can receive a Shiny Charm which will greaten your odds to 1 in 1,024.

Pokemon Shiny Garados

The Master Ball cannot miss

This was my one big fear when going toe-to-toe with Mewtwo, because like a Pokemon noob I forgot to save my game before my encounter with Mewtwo. When it got to being able to capture Mewtwo I had my Master Ball at the ready and couldn’t muster the strength to throw it because the way you catch Pokemon is Let’s Go you can miss, and you will throughout your adventure. Finally I threw the ball and a very dramatic cinematic played and caught me a Mewtwo, so don’t worry just give it a really dramatic throw when using your Master Ball for extra effect.

Pokemon MasterBall

Talk to Everyone

This may sometimes feel tedious and 80% of the time will provide nothing, but some NPCs will provide some very helpful items such as powerful moves for your partner, Eevee or Pikachu depending on your version, valuable items to sell, Pokemon such as the 3 starters, Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle and costumes for yourself and adorable partner. Additionally to this make sure to battle every trainer you come across because this will provide some very valuable training for your Pokemon to be able to progress through the game quicker and easier.  

Pokemon NPC


Hope these tips will help you become the next Indigo League Champion, and be sure you check back for some more Pokemon content and much more.

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