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The Definitive Shiny Hunting Guide (Let’s Go)

With Christmas less than a week away a bunch of new players will be thrown into Pokemon Let’s go Eevee or Pikachu and even though they may be able to the master the 8 gyms plus the elite four, another end game activity awaits them in Let’s go and that is Shiny Hunting. Just like previous entries to the Pokemon phenomenon the chance of finding incredibly rare shiny Pokemon is present in both of these new games. The chance of finding one of these rare shiny Pokemon is about 1 in 4096, unless you possess a Shiny charm which is only accessible if you the player completes the Pokedex which means you have to catch every single Pokemon available in the game which will then give you a 1 in 1096 chance of finding a shiny Pokemon. How do we go about finding and catching these so called shiny Pokemon then? The key element of finding shiny Pokemon is the new catch combo system introduced in Let’s go Eevee and Pikachu. Shown in the graph below (provided by you can see the catch combo + lure dramatically increases the odds of encountering a shiny Pokemon.

    Pokemon Odds


The maximum catch combo you need to to achieve the best odds of encountering a shiny is 31 which will increase your odds to around 1 in 400! And if you possess a shiny charm it will increase your odds furthermore. In addition to all this Pokemon Let’s go removed the feature of random encounters in the wild and replaces is it with showing the Pokemon in the over world for the player to run into them and start the encounter. The greatest thing about this new feature is the fact that Shiny Pokemon appear Shiny in the over world! So all once you have achieved your catch combo of 31 all you have to wait or route reset until the shiny Pokemon shows up for the taking. In conclusion Pokemon Let’s go Eevee/Pikachu is the easiest game to find shiny Pokemon and a great introduction to one of the best and least talked about feature in the Pokemon franchise.

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